• 110-year anniversary

110-year anniversary

This year, the Nivaagaard Collection is celebrating its 110-year anniversary. The museum’s founder, the estate-owner, industrialist and politician Johannes Hage, was an avid collector of European art, and in 1908 he donated his painting collection in Nivå to the public. The collection has grown since then and continues to attract art lovers from near and far.
In addition to more than 220 works distributed across over five centuries of art history, we are also proud of the 2-3 special exhibitions and 300 events we organise each year and – not least – our guests, who repeatedly choose to visit our little gem of a museum instead of seeking other interesting cultural experiences (or spending time on the sofa!).

Thank you for your support. All of the above calls for a celebration, which is exactly what we have planned for 7 October – and we would love to see you there.

See the program of the day here »

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110-year anniversary