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Foraging excursion

Accompanied by Julie Swane from Byhøst, we venture into nature’s pantry to forage wild herbs and edible plants and learn how to use them in cooking.

Word walks

A Reserve for Endangered Words has been created in the park adjacent to the Nivaagaard Collection. Within the reserve can be found roughly 100 Danish words that the museum’s guests and staff help protect by visiting the reserve and talking about the words. Go on a work walk through the reservation and discuss the words and the Danish language together with other participants and the museum’s resident logophile.

Birdsong excursion to the Nivå Bay Salt Marshes

The Nivå Bay Salt Marshes are the only such salt marshes along the Øresund coast north of Copenhagen. Here, Fugleværnsfonden (the Danish Society for the Protection of Birds) has been able to establish a bird sanctuary thanks to the generosity of the Hageske Foundation, which owns most of the land.

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