• Immerse yourself in puzzles

Immerse yourself in puzzles

Every second Wednesday in January, February and March

Through several seasons now, cosy afternoons of puzzle solving have formed the framework for a highly popular concept where guests come to immerse themselves together or by themselves in a detailed puzzle. The puzzles feature the museum’s very own classic paintings by a number of great historical artists, giving you the chance to explore world history at its most detailed level with surprising observations, meticulous brush strokes and an entirely new perspective on unique painters and their works. The events take place in the cosy garden lobby every second Wednesday from 4pm-6pm, starting on Wednesday 17 January.

The puzzles are only made available on these Wednesdays, and guests who succeed in completing a puzzle are free to take it home as a prize. Unfinished puzzles are stored by the museum until the season ends on Wednesday 28 March. The event is free and requires no museum ticket. There is a DKK 150 deposit when taking out a puzzle. Cake, coffee, beer and water can be bought at the café, which also serves dinner from 5:30pm.

Translator: The translation agency Diction – J. Niclas B. Jensen