Free introductions and guided tours

Every Sunday and the first Saturday of the month at 2pm

Free introductions

Visitors are welcome to attend the museum’s free introduction of the current special exhibition (lasting approximately 30 minutes) every Sunday at 2pm. The guide adapts the introduction to the number of people in attendance. The introduction will sometimes take place inside the special exhibition, and other times in the pillar hall.

Free guided tours

On the first Saturday of the month at 2pm, the museum offers a free guided tour through its permanent exhibition (lasting approximately 50 minutes), where the theme varies on a monthly basis.


How do I join?
Participating in introductions and guided tours is free once you have paid for admission to the museum.
It is not possible to reserve a spot for introductions nor tours, both of which are intended for individual participants rather than groups. For groups exceeding nine people, please contact Marianne Hasle at to book a guided tour or here.

Translator: The translation agency Diction

Free introductions and guided tours