21 June – 17 September 2023

Over the summer, there will be an exhibition on Alfons Åberg and his creator, the writer and illustrator Gunilla Bergström, whose original works will be on display, providing insight into the little boy who lives alone with his father and gives it his all when faced with crises of any size.

Deploying bright colours, strong contours and thought-provoking dialogue, Gunilla Bergström (1942 – 2021) sought to both rewrite and depict life itself. She is best known as the creator of Alfons Åberg (or Alfie Atkins, as he is known in the English-speaking world), who many consider to be among their childhood friends.

The themes are existential, and in Alfons Åberg’s colourful world, stories for children unfold – but the adults are by no means left out. This is a world where we can be both big and small at once. A world of images that amuse, concern and tug at our heart strings as Alfons demonstrates an ability to find answers and solutions even when things get tough.

Gunilla Bergström used collage as her primary narrative element, long before digital technology became widespread within illustration. She used blank paper, wallpaper samples and pieces of fabric to create her images, combining this collage with cartoon images, and often drawing thick black lines around her figures.

This exhibition will mark the first time that the original illustrations behind Alfons Åberg, which appeared in forty children’s books, have been put on display in Denmark. The Alfons Åberg books account for the bulk of Gunilla Bergström’s work and have been translated into thirty languages.

Bruno Liljefors

29 September 2023 – 14 January 2024

Autumn this year will offer a series of wild nature paintings by the Swedish artist Bruno Liljefors (1860 – 1939). This is a chance to see first-hand his dramatic depictions of animals as they fight and flee, alongside meticulously painted images of birds in natural surroundings.

The exhibition will span a wide range of works from one of Scandinavia’s most important painters of the natural world.


Translator: The translation agency Diction