Mission and vission

The Nivaagaard Collection is a museum that offers insight into Danish and European art and culture in relation to the past, present and future. The museum insists on a high professional level and combines this with professional communication at eye level with our local, national, regional and international guests. A visit to the museum should be an enriching experience that allows for reflection, insight, wonder and movement. Both the collection and special exhibitions should be relevant for experienced museum visitors and arouse interest and curiosity for future generations of art enthusiasts. The Nivaagaard Collections founder Johannes Hage wanted to make the collection accessible to all. Therefore, we are here for the public. We do not compromise with professionalism or accessibility, focussing each day on both performance and satisfaction. With this focus, we create an open museum with room for engaged audience interest.

Welcome to The Nivaagaard Collection.

Adopted by the Board of The Nivaagaard Collection March 1, 2012


Translator: Jennifer Russell

Mission and vission