• Viggo Johansen’s watercolour paintings

June 27 – September 1, 2019

Viggo Johansen’s watercolour paintings

This summer, the Nivaagaard Collection is putting on an exhibition with the Skagen painter Viggo Johansen’s (1851-1935) watercolour works on loan from the Art Museums of Skagen. Johansen captures the essence of the scenery around Skagen and other places in these lovely small studies, which number just over 50 in total. The artist employs the power of light on the glossy paper, creating figures and a sense of motion with simple strokes and fluid range of colours. A drawing workshop has been set up in connection with the exhibition, giving you the opportunity to create your own artistic works with pencils and watercolour.

Viggo Johansen was married to Martha Johansen (maiden name Møller), cousin of Anna Ancher (maiden name Brøndum). The couple had six children together. Johansen has been somewhat overshadowed by other famous Skagen painters, but he was part of the artistic circle as well as a professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where he also spent many years teaching at the academy’s college for women.

Viggo Johansen’s watercolour paintings