21 January – 12 June 2022

The Danish Golden Age painter Wilhelm Marstrand (1810-1873) was one of the few who mastered the ability to depict complicated compositions with many colourful figures in lively motion and was in his time perceived as a genius. With his depictions of everyday life and a great joy of storytelling, Marstrand stood out from the other artists of the time. His admiration of humour and satire, everyday life and human anecdotes was incomparable – with a view also to the everyday life in other countries.

In his captivating stories, Marstrand depicts celebrations, dance, music and theatre and all the close human togetherness that one misses in these times. The exhibition ‘Wilhelm Marstrand. The great narrator’ shows this diverse talent which embraces everyday scenes in Copenhagen, populous street scenes in Italy, intense portraits, an iconic history painting, simple landscapes and subjects from Holberg’s comedies and Marstrand’s literary favourite, Don Quixote.

With 90 works from Wilhelm Marstrand’s overwhelming and diverse creations, this spring’s extensive special exhibition at The Nivaagaard Collection brings to life the Danish Golden Age’s most popular artist at the time.

‘Wilhelm Marstrand. The great narrator’ was created in collaboration with Fuglsang Art Museum, Skovgaard Museum and Ribe Art Museum. At the Collection, the exhibition can be experienced with several supplementary works, including the portrait of Johanne Luise Heiberg (on loan from Frederiksborg Castle) and works from our own collection.


Translator: The translation agency Diction