• Copenhagen Zoo posters in the café

Copenhagen Zoo posters in the café

Nivaagaards Malerisamling has entered into a collaboration with Copenhagen Zoo, which has resulted in a beautiful selection of Copenhagen Zoo posters that can be found in the café. The posters feature works from a number of talented artists including Aage Sikker Hansen, Sven Brasch, Johannes Larsen and Valdemar Andersen.

Copenhagen Zoo does a wonderful job of taking care of endangered species. We will therefore be setting up a branch of the museum’s Reserve for Endangered Words on the lawn in front of the old director’s house. Here you will find endangered Danish words such as Bjørnetjeneste (‘Bear’s favour’; doing someone an unintentional disservice) and phrases such as Fuld som en allike (‘Drunk as a jackdaw’; highly inebriated).

The Copenhagen Zoo poster of the year by John Kørner is available for purchase in the museum shop. The poster costs DKK 299, of which DKK 150 goes to Copenhagen Zoo’s work to help protect the wild giraffes of the savanna.

Oversat af Oversættelsesbureauet Diction – Oversætter: J. Niclas B. Jensen

Copenhagen Zoo posters in the café