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Support the Nivaagaard Collection – and our acquisition of new works

In 1908, Johannes Hage, the founder of the Nivaagaard Collection, made up a will in which he bequeathed his private art collection to the public. The joy of giving is inextricably linked to the history of our museum, and you can take part in it by becoming a benefactor yourself.

The Nivaagaard Collection continues to acquire new works, primarily from the Danish Golden Age, which is why we need your help. Become a benefactor for as little as DKK 200.

Your full donation will go to support the acquisition of new works for the Nivaagaard Collection. The donations we receive are crucial to the museum’s retention of its status as a fundraising organisation, which allows us to apply for VAT deductions.

Tax deductible
Your donation is tax deductible and will automatically be registered by the Danish tax authority, SKAT, when you provide us with your CPR number. The only reason we ask you to enter your CPR number in the form is so we can forward the details of your donation to SKAT, allowing them to check the deduction. This ensures that we can receive your donation, after which we delete your CPR number from our records. We do not pass on your CPR number to anyone else, and we keep it secure throughout the process.

The deduction amounts to approx. 32% of your donation, meaning a DKK 200 donation really only costs 136. The legislative basis for the tax deduction falls under the Danish Tax Assessment Act’s Section 8a.