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21th June – 6th September

In summer 2020, the Nivaagaard Collection is starting a collaboration with the renowned international artist Danh Vo (born 1975). As a child, Danh Vo fled from Vietnam with his family, ending up in Nivaa. He currently alternates between living in Berlin and Mexico and has the whole world as his stage. He has represented Denmark at the Venice Biennale and had a major solo exhibition at The Guggenheim Museum in New York. Vo is now returning for a while to Nivaa, where over the course of a few summers he will be presenting his favourite international artists that have made it into his collection. With Vo’s arrival to our town, we gained a second great collector of art in Nivaa after our founder, Johannes Hage.


20th September – 24th January 2021

Everyone has a mother. Some people eventually become mothers themselves. The mother’s role is an integral part of human existence and changes gradually through the various stages of life. Motherhood is routinely romanticised, discussed, idealised and critiqued. The exhibition Stories About Mothers features religious and secular mother and child portraits and discusses the role of motherhood from a historical perspective up to modern times through a number of different themes. The Painting Collection’s exhibition will focus mainly on older works from before 1900. The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art will be running an exhibition on motherhood with a focus on the subject in modern art during the same period. The two museums’ exhibitions will accordingly complement one another, and the museums are working together on different levels. The Nivaagaard exhibition will feature key works from other Danish and international museums, private collectors and the museum’s own collection.


Spring 2021

Wilhelm Marstrand has a very special place among the Golden Age painters at the Nivaagaard Collection. He has painted portraits of three generations of Hager, a family he had a special and close relationship with. Marstrand was an brilliant colourist able to master complicated compositions with a lot of characters like no other, and he was a gifted storyteller, which his large and diverse production of paintings also testifies to. It is precisely storytelling that is often at the centre of Marstrand’s many portrayals of common life, which are colourful and lively snapshots of certain moments.

Marstrand was an avid reader, and this is also reflected in his works where he often used literary sources. In addition, he was very fond of the theatre, and several of the genre scenes also reflect this – for example, by being inspired by vaudevilles, which are cheery and satirical performances.

This unique and exuberant talent is the focal point of the exhibition. Via various themes, we display the portrait, the theatre, the journeys to Italy and the depictions of common life which are some of the genres that Marstrand most frequently played around with.

The exhibition is a collaboration between four art museums: Fuglsang Kunstmuseum, Ribe Kunstmuseum, the Skovgaard Museum and the Nivaagaard Collection.


Autumn 2021

In the latter part of the 1800s, two artist colonies appeared on opposite sides of the Sound in Arild and Hornbæk. It was the old fishing villages, the locals, the wonderful light, the sea and the characteristic scenery that attracted the artists.

The focal point in Arild, which is on the east side of the Kullen peninsula in Sweden, was the Inn called Mor Cilla (Mother Cilla) where both Swedish and Danish artists met. From Sweden, there were artists such as Carl Fredrik Hill, Richard Bergh, Gustaf Rydberg, Elisabeth Kayser, Prins Eugen and many others. But Danish artists were also attracted to the Kullen peninsula’s unique nature, among them, C.F. Sørensen, August Jerndorff, P.S. Krøyer and Viggo Pedersen – the latter even founded a school for painters in the city.

At certain times, these artists also settled in Hornbæk on the north coast of Zealand, which with its charming local environment provided inspiration for evocative light-filled scenes. Peter Raadsig, Viggo Johansen, Frants Henningsen, Kristian Zahrtmann, Holger Drachmann, L.A. Ring, Peter Ilsted and Carl Locher were also drawn to Hornbæk. The exhibition focuses on these two living artist environments.

Translator: The translation agency Diction